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How to Buy Baby Clothes

Coordinate Color Schemes

If most of your baby's outfits consist of two matching colors, it will be much easier to put together a great looking outfit. Maybe even Daddy could do it! It will also be nice to have several pants that match a shirt and vise versa. Babies get dirty a lot. If you have to change baby's pants and still want the outfit to look good with out changing baby's shirt to match a new pair of pants, it will be convenient to have several pants in the same color scheme.

Color scheme ideas for infant girl clothes:

  • pink and brown
  • purple and yellow
  • red and black
  • white and pink
  • white and red

For girls, it will also be nice to get one bracelet and one hair bow that will match several outfits. This will save you time, money, and space. If your infant's outfits are all different colors, you will need several hair bows and bracelets, and possibly several shoes to match each outfit.

Color scheme ideas for infant boy clothes:

  • light blue and navy
  • royal blue and gold
  • royal blue and white
  • navy and tan
  • red and blue
  • red and white

One last tip- buy uniform white baby socks. That way you won't be chasing around unmatched socks, or spend a lot of time matching up different colored socks. If they are all the same, you just match baby sock to baby sock and the laundry gets done much quicker.

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