About Us

Our Purpose

The Utah Baby Fair's goal is to provide new and expecting parents an opportunity to prepare for baby through products, information and discounts. We want to give attendees "one-stop" convenience for classes, contests and giveaways, and access to really great baby related products and vendors.

Most people, especially new parents, do not realize how much work, time, and money is required to do things like go to prenatal classes, pick out baby furniture, purchase baby clothes, get a diaper bag, choose a photographer, get car seat safety information, get birth announcements, get nutritional information, etc. The purpose of the Utah Baby Fair is to minimize the effort required to effectively research and purchase these things. Parents will be able to get products, learn vital skills, and have a lot of fun doing it at the fair.

About the Owner

The owner of the fair, Jessica Taufer, came up with the idea to do this event when she spent months preparing for her daughter's arrival in 2006. There really wasn't a convenient place to go to receive products, information, and discounts required to care for a baby. She hopes that parents will be able to accomplish in this one day what took her months to do.

Future Plans

The Utah Baby Fair currently has two fairs scheduled. The first one will be September 29, 2007 and the second one will be in February, 2008. More information on the February event will be coming soon.

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