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How to Buy Baby Clothes

Make Sure it Fits

  • There are only so many clothes that a baby will wear in a certain size before he or she will outgrow them. Many moms have so many baby clothes that the baby doesn't even wear all of them before growing into the next size.
  • Don't buy too many clothes in advance. You just can't tell if your baby will fit in a certain size for another two days or another two months. It is better to buy baby clothes as you need them. You also don't know what size he or she will be wearing when the next season comes.
  • Don't remove the tags from clothes that were given to baby until you wash them for baby to wear. The reason for this is that most baby stores will happily exchange baby outfits for different sizes if the tags are still attached. If it doesn't fit baby now, by the time it does fit will the outfit be appropriate for the season?
  • Figure out how much baby weighs and how tall baby is. When deciding on a size to buy, go by weight and height rather than the age size (like size 3-6 months, or size 9 months).

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