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Throwing a Baby Shower


If you have the shower during breakfast, lunch, or dinner times, you will be expected to provide the respective meal for your guests. If you have the shower in between the meal times, refreshments will only be expected.

Serving finger foods buffet style is an easy way to feed your guests. It is always nice for your guests to have a variety of foods available. If the party is being held during the day, we are big fans of cheese and crackers, fresh fruit on toothpicks, cookies, and punch or juice. It is not very complicated, everyone likes at least something, and the food will stay good throughout the duration of the party.

If the party is being held in the morning, brunch food is great. You can serve bagels and cream cheese, fresh fruit on toothpicks, and juice.

You can also do cake and ice cream.

The menu doesn't need to get complicated and is not something to stress about, but you should put some amount of thought into what your guests will be eating while they are at the party.

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