Utah Baby Fair

Newsletter Update

The Utah Baby Fair is proud to present ten different types of classes! We have some exciting classes that have recently been added to this fair's schedule. They will all help new and expecting parents prepare for baby. Admission to the classes is included in the price of admission to the fair. For the exact times that these classes will be offered, please refer to http://www.utahbabyfair.com/attend.html.

Car Seat Safety - Utah County Health Department
Learn how to properly install a car seat and follow important safety laws to protect your little one.

Sign Language - Sign Babies
Prevent tantrums by teaching your child how to communicate with Sign Language. In this class you will learn several signs so you can start signing with your baby right away.

Music - Kindermusik
Experience the magic and joy of music and movement and learn firsthand how music helps your child in all domains of development. Babies and expectant mothers welcome!

Baby Sleep - BB Sleep Solutions
Learn how to easily put your baby to sleep, help your baby sleep longer and cry less at the B.B. Sleep Solutions Sleep Seminar.

Prenatal Class 1 - BellaNatal
Do you know how to time contractions? Learn this and other useful prenatal and birthing information.

Prenatal Class 2 - BellaNatal
Do you know the different birthing positions? What kinds of relaxation techniques are available? Learn this and other useful prenatal and birthing information.

Breastfeeding 1 - LaLeche League of Utah County
Learn the "latching on" technique, pain remedies, and other useful nursing information. This is a helpful class to take before baby arrives.

Breastfeeding 2 - LaLeche League of Utah County
Breastfeeding should not be painful. Get helpful troubleshooting tips from the experts. This is a helpful class to take after baby arrives.

Intro to Hypnosis for Childbirth - Hypnobabies
Come learn how hypnosis can allow you to give birth comfortably and joyfully without drugs. Hypnobabies shows you how!

We will also be offering free prenatal massages at the fair! They will be given by Utah Prenatal Massage. Get a free 5-10 minute prenatal massage by specially trained prenatal massage therapists. This is a fully clothed introductory demonstration. Limited sessions are available. Sign up as soon as you get to the fair.

Enter the Cutest Baby Contest! Is your little one the cutest baby in Utah? Enter the cutest baby contest, sponsored by Pretty Pictures. Get your baby's picture taken by Pretty Pictures and immediately receive a 4x6 picture of your little cutie. The winners will be announced at 4:00pm. The entrance fee is just $6.00 and includes the 4x6 picture. Additional portraits can be ordered online or at the event. There are three age categories: 0-1 years, 1-2 years, and 2-4 years. Each age group will have a winner for girls and a winner for boys, cutest baby, cutest outfit, and cutest smile. There will also be a grand prize winner for each of the age categories.

The Utah Baby Fair is proud to present our featured company! We have gotten to know some great companies, and we have to tell you about one of our favorites- BabyPhoneCalls.com. Imagine- your baby is born. Who do you need to call to share the news? BabyPhoneCalls.com is a phone notification service that allows you to announce your new arrival to ALL your loved ones with just 1 call! When your baby is born, simply dial BabyPhoneCall's TOLL FREE number and record your personal message giving all the details of your baby. Within minutes your message is broadcasted to all your family and friends. It saves you time so you can spend more time with your baby. It's only $24.95 and it is easy to use. Visit www.BabyPhoneCalls.com for more information.

Future email updates: In the next update, we will announce the freebies and giveaways available at the fair. We will be emailing a "buy one admission for $5.00, get one free" coupon soon, so stay tuned!