Come to the Utah Baby Fair


The next Utah Baby Fair will be at the
Provo City Library Ballroom
Saturday, September 29, 2007
10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Adults - $5.00. Children under 12: Free, must be accompanied by an adult. We accept cash and checks.

Free underground parking is available for the event. Enter the 200 West entrance to the library parking garage and take the elevator to the third floor.

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Free Prenatal Massages - Utah Prenatal Massage
Get a free 5-10 minute prenatal massage by specially trained prenatal massage therapists. This is a fully clothed introductory demonstration. Learn the do's and don'ts of prenatal massages. Limited sessions are available. Sign up as soon as you get to the fair.
Room D - 11:00am-1:15pm, 1:45pm-4:00pm


Get prepared for every stage of baby, from pregnancy, infancy, and beyond. Admission to these classes are available at no extra charge. Space is limited, so sign up as soon as you arrive at the fair and be in the designated classroom 5 minutes early.

Car Seat Safety - Utah County Health Department
Did you know that over 97 percent of car seats are installed incorrectly in Utah County? This free class helps parents (as well as grandparents, day-care providers, care-givers, etc) to learn the proper use and installation of infant and child car seats. (40 minute classes)
Room B - 10:20am, 12:50pm, 4:20pm

Sign Language Basics - Sign Babies
Prevent tantrums by teaching your child how to communicate with Sign Language. In this class you will learn several signs so you can start signing with your baby right away. (40 minute classes)
Room B - 11:10am
Room A - 2:50pm

Baby and Mom Sing and Sign Class - Sign Babies
Come with your baby and learn songs to sing and sign. (40 minute class)
Room B - 12:00pm

Music - Kindermusik
Experience the magic and joy of music and movement and learn firsthand how music helps your child in all domains of development. Babies and expectant mothers welcome! (40 minute classes)
Room A - 12:00pm, 3:40pm
Room B - 2:30pm

Baby Sleep - BB Sleep Solutions
Learn about the importance of sleep for your baby, how to easily put your baby to sleep, lengthen your baby's sleep time and prevent and treat colic. (40 minute classes)
Room C - 10:10am, 1:30pm, 4:20pm

Infant Massage - To be announced
Help soothe and calm baby. (40 minute classes)
Room D - 10:10am, 4:10pm

Prenatal Class - Vanessa Kerr and Briana Blackwelder- Doulas (DONA)
Come learn about the importance of nutrition, pain relieving techniques, and how to identify what is going on during early labor and beyond. (1 hr 50 min class)
Room A - 10:00am

Prenatal Class - Unmedicated Childbirth Advocacy Network (UCAN Birth)
Do you know how to time your contractions? Do you know the mechanics of labor and what to do at each step? Learn this and other useful prenatal and birthing information. (1 hr 50 min class)
Room C - 2:20pm

Breastfeeding 1 - LaLeche League of Utah County
Learn the "latching on" technique, pain remedies, and other useful nursing information. This is a helpful class to take before baby arrives. (2 hour 20 min class)
Room C - 11:00am

Breastfeeding 2 - LaLeche League of Utah County
Breastfeeding should not be painful. Get helpful troubleshooting tips from the experts. This is a helpful class to take after baby arrives. (1 hour 50 min class)
Room A- 12:50pm

Intro to Hypnosis for Childbirth - Hypnobabies
Come learn how hypnosis can allow you to give birth comfortably and joyfully without drugs. Hypnobabies shows you how! (40 minute classes)
Room B- 1:40pm
Room A- 4:30pm

Birth Options - Bellanatal
Are you having a baby? Just thinking about having one? Find out all your options! Would a doctor or a midwife work best for you? Where should you have the baby? What other choices are available, for example, for pain management? How about childbirth preparation? The answers to these questions are as varied as expectant mothers themselves. Learn about them all, pros and cons, and arm yourself with information for your next birth! (50 minute class)
Room B- 3:20pm

Space is limited, so sign up for these classes as soon as you arrive at the fair, and be in the designated classroom 5 minutes early.

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Contests and Giveaways

Cutest Baby Contest

Do you have the cutest baby in Utah?
Be a part of the Cutest Baby Contest sponsored by Pretty Pictures!

Gift Bags

The first 1,000 adult attendees will get a large tote bag stocked with loads of product samples, free offers, and discounts from baby related vendors.

Gift Bag Inclusions to be given to the first 1,000 adults at the Utah Baby Fair:

Raffle Drawings

Vendors participating in the Utah Baby Fair have given us prizes worth hundreds of dollars to give away in free raffle drawings. You will receive a ticket upon entry that could win you one of these great prizes:

List of Prizes to be given away at the Utah Baby Fair

Must be present to win. Drawings will take place every half hour.

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